Medieval Risk

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Medieval Risk is an unauthorized medieval game variant to the popular game "Risk" by Hasbro. In Medieval Risk 3-8 players compete for dominion of medieval Europe.

Medieval Risk expands the game play of the original Risk system into several new dimensions. There are four types of army units rather than just one. These are 1) armies, 2) navies, 3) artillery, and 4) castles.

Players must seek to expand their dominion, conquering more territories and trying to maintain control of complete nations on the game map. Reinforcements are gained through control of territories, ownership of entire nations, and by trading in card sets. Additional option game rules allow players to use the specialized Medieval Risk cards for their optional rules which can influence game play in multiple ways

Medieval Risk Comes With:
1) 7 pages of game rules
2) Nation Reference Sheet
3) Assorted cut out game units for artillery and castle units
4) 54 Game Cards
5) 21" x 30" color game map. Printable in 9 total sections.



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Cheri Hedden 8 7 9 Awesome game! Therules are clear and the map is outstanding! Only wish that it came with a color chart for the kingdoms.

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