Mach Speed Hunters

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Pages in main/rules file: 34

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): David E. North

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Mach Speed Hunters
Aerial Combat in the Modern Age
34 pages

Mach Speed Hunters is a complete miniatures game of air combat in the missile-armed Modern era. The basic rules allow for relatively large battles with up to a dozen aircraft per side and minimal record keeping.

Optional rules are included which cover; air to ground combat, bombers, air-to-ground munitions, variable pilot quality and experience, and simple campaign system.

Advanced rules which add realism include; advanced maneuvering, deflection shooting, advanced air-to-air missiles, countermeasures, visual spotting, limited ammunition, critical damage, and more...

Also included is a missile reference and the Afterburners aircraft lists, with game stats for 118 different aircraft from 12 different nations.

* * Revised Edition 2014


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Charles Heckman 10 8 9 Excellent balance between playability and complexity. I highly recommend.

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