The Hill Battles, Khe Sanh 1967 Scenario Book

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During April 24 - May 11, 1967, the 3rd Marines battle NVA forces around Khe Sanh! During the spring of 1967, the "First Battle of Khe Sanh" or "The Hill Fights" took place. In extremely bitter fighting with North Vietnamese troops, the 3rd Marines cleared Hills 881S, 881N, and 861 overlooking Khe Sanh Combat Base. This is the first scenario book for The Face of Battle. The 114 page book contains 12 detailed scenarios, maps of Khe Sanh and the surrounding area, timelime, weapon data for numerous Marine and NVA firearms, grenades and ordnance, the M50 Ontos, and more. Many scenarios include optional forces for maximum re-playability.

This book is compatible with numerous skirmish rules including: Face of Modern Battle, Free Fire Zone, Charlie Company, Battleground WW2: Vietnam, Arc of Fire, Crossfire: Vietnam, Bodycount, Fire Team Vietnam, Dogs of War, and more...

The scenarios are ideal for 15mm to 28mm individually-based figures. All maps, weapon data, templates and ordnance data are provided in 3 scale ranges; 15mm, 20mm and 25/28mm.

114 pages



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