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File Type: zip

File Size: 10 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 0

Game System: EABA


Designer(s): Greg Porter

demo: demo/btrc6109sample.pdf
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You make it, you break it. Stuff! is an EABA-based design tool that lets you design just about anything you need for any campaign, at any level of detail you need.

Weapons, vehicles, body armor, creatures, gadgets, even entire civilizations can be created from a single design book. What's more, we do the heavy lifting for you. Each chapter has its own pdf-based spreadsheet that automatically calculates the results from the parameters you enter, with single-button pre-designed items to show you how it works.

Don't believe it? Download the sample and see. The freebie is the basic design rules from the weapons chapter, plus the fully functional weapon design spreadsheet. We'll give you 25 pages, and hope you'll come back for the rest.


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