Iron Stars: Southern Front

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Southern Front is the second supplement for Iron Stars, the game of space combat in an age of steam and steel. In this book players will find additional game mechanics and background material that extends our semi historical timeline through the pivotal year of 1912:

* An overview of world history from the close of the Merchant War through the Antarctic crisis;
* Nearly four dozen new ether ship designs, covering the space forces of South America, Italy, Turkey, and Spain, along with additional ships from Britain and Japan, and the introduction of the Soviet space forces;
* Coverage of the Falklands War between the British Empire and the A.B.C. Powers (Argentina, Brazil, and Chile), including nine new scenarios;
* "The Red One”, a short story by Jack London;
* A new space station, HMSS Diamond Rock;
* Rules for boarding parties and shipboard combat;
* New special equipment, such as star shells and heat rays; and
* Rules for orbital bombardment of surface targets.

This should be more than enough to keep your ether navies occupied as the world marches inexorably towards the Great War.

Southern Front includes nine (9) sheets of counters and templates for use with star shells and orbital bombardment.


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