Solitaire Caesar

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Players: 1

Designer(s): Dave Kershaw

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In Solitaire Caesar the player re-creates the rise and fall of the Roman Empire from 300BC to 1453AD.

You will lead the legions of Rome to victory, and then struggle to preserve
the legacy of Empire from Barbarian onslaughts.

This is a solitaire wargame. It is province based, and will take
approximately 60 minutes to play.

** A new optional 2 page map and score sheet by Chris Dorrell has been added to this download.

The game has been extensively playtested, here are some comments from

"The theme of the game is truly amazing. During the game you feel like
hordes of barbarians are attacking you from everywhere....The game is
brilliant. I enjoy a lot playing and right now a big 9 is given to it. As I
said you get the feeling you are leading Rome and it has a lot of theme into
it." NP

"I could definitely see myself playing this on slow work days or in the
evenings when I don't have an opponent and my girlfriend is busy or out." CT

"So, I really like this game. I think it has a solid future." TD

"Super - elegant and concise rules wedded to an engaging subject!...the game really does impose interesting strategic choices on the player." Rg

"Overall I find it an incredibly enjoyable game I'd gladly pay money for!" CB


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Phillip Gooden 7 8 8 Very fun game! Its fairly simple, but still manages to be entertaining and challenging. And super cheap, too! If you e looking for a quality, affordable solo wargame, this is definitely worth a look.
Scott Vranes 10 9 9 Great little game. Can beat it for the price!
Jeffrey Dingle 10 8 9 Great Solo Game - Have used upgraded components & laminated the two half-boards. Can be fiddly to affix & trim on to card. You need at least two different coloured D6 dice to quickly & easily randomise cities. Tough game to win.
george snodgrass 10 9 10 Really digestable fun solitaire, love the simple graphics. strong sense of theme.
Pavol Holcik 9 8 8 Delivers on promise of universal gameplay over the course of many centuries, a little simplistic and random, but quick and good for people who like to think up a narrative as they play. At 5 bucks with VASSAL module included,you could do a lot worse.
Christopher Peters 8 9 8
Kim Orr 10 8 9
Matt Kennedy 10 10 10 Very interesting game. Plays in less than an hour. Realistice randomness of vbarbarians attacking the roman empire. I enjoyed it.
Pascal ALIBERT 9 6 8 Harsh to play against those barbarians but makes for a fun quick game. Interresting game easilly upgraded with better graphics, easy system to learn and to play. I'll try to upgrade/complexify the rules tu add some more "replay-ability".
Eldon Nichol 9 9 9
Andrew Hobley 9 6 6 Real grand sweep of history stuff. 100 years gone in the roll of a die or two. Detailed it is not, but as a feel for how long the Roman Empire survived this is quick and easy.
Chris Atkins 10 7 9 Fun little game!
Andrew Walford 10 10 10
Dennis Wyatt 10 10 10 Western Civ 101 for 5 bucks! More fun than the class.
Jakub Kurczyna 6 7 5 I have only played once, but I don't see myself playing it again. I feel it's a bit shallow. Still, as I said, I only played once.
Yannick Meyer 9 9 9 Nice game with simple rules. Love it!
Cagri Akyurt 10 10 10 One of the best solitaire games ever. Very fun to play.
Ed Pundyk 8 7 8
John Dietrich 10 10 10
john conner 7 8 8 It's fun!
Simon Bracegirdle 8 8 8
Joseph Latvaitis 9 8 8 I tend to like more involved games, but this one is simple and fun. Glad I purchased this. A must-buy for any "Romaphile."
Paul Morin 8 8 8 Simple but fun. It may sound odd but this is good to throw in my carryon while traveling. It is easy to pack, doesn't cause hassles at airport security and can be played on the desk in a hotel room.
raoul izzard 8 8 8
Robert Voetter 9 9 9 Great Game for low Money.
Ezio Flavio 5 7 6 Not played yet
Andrew Golov 5 5 5
iniko antoine 8 8 8 Simple system in order to begin solitaire wargame, a must have
Irene Yang 10 8 9 simple but captures the atmosphere of the time.
Ken Filewood 6 5 4 Good value for the low price. The rules are simple, elegant, mostly clear; and map and timeline well thought out. The game's 'AI' is surprisingly good, for a low overhead. Some replay value, although optimal plays are easy to luck is involved..
Adolfo Lopez de Arregui 10 8 9 A funny and simple wargame. Easy to understand. Thanks for your quality job
Chris Starr 9 9 9 I enjoyed a quick evening of staving off the barbarians at the borders of the empire. But I am no Caesar, because the empire fell after about six centuries. Still I enjoyed it while it lasted.
Peter Robichaud 10 7 9 This game is a true GEM and an amazing value. You can't afford not to purchase this game!
David Slater 10 8 9 This is a great solo game. Relatively simple but well thought out rules make it engaging and fun, but also easy to come back to if interrupted.
Andrew Franke 9 8 9 Good Little solitaire game. Easy to assemble and enjoyable to play.
Emilio Vivancos 6 8 7
Andrzej Sieradzki 8 8 8
virgile LA LUMIA 7 8 7
Chris Reichl 9 9 9 This has been a fun solitaire game! This was worth the 5.00
David Defontaine 9 8 9
Stefano Guercio 6 6 6 It could be a better game by adding some tactical rules (e.g. using cards or drawing couters) during battles.
david defontaine 6 9 8 nice little "wargame" to spend an hour or two
William J Floyd 10 8 9 Fun game. Provides a real feel for the period. Rules tight, counters could use freshening, but for the price one of the best gaming values I've ever encountered.
Mark Wilson 9 8 9 Quality game for five dollars. Good rules. Some parts are small.
Paul Healey 5 6 7 Quite a lot of fun. Though quite dependant on not having to many tribes of barbarians attacking early on.
Cheri Hedden 6 4 5 Ok game, but not quite worth $5 more like $3; plays well though!
David Valenze 9 9 9
Michael Akinde 9 9 9 Neat little game. Well worth the price.
Andreas Hellwig 8 8 8
Troy Davidson 10 9 10 Great solitaire game. Rules could have some clarifications and the counters could be a bit 'cleaner', but these complaints are very very minor in the whole of the game. A very excelent game that I would recommend to anyone who likes solitaire games
ray smith 9 9 9 Read the rules and played. Enjoyed the simple but effective system of play. Girlfriend became hooked by barbarians! Interesting comments in boardgamegeek about rules. I am still playing
G Marchand 5 4 5 Very unhistorical, so it didn't do it at all for me.
Delek Turner 9 8 9 The game plays very well. The rules are easy to pick up and play. Board could use more polish, but it does the job.
Craig Dunglison 10 8 9 Very challenging, and a lot of fun - those pesty barbies just do not stop comming. Recommend it
Timothy Warder 10 3 9 Excellent and fun game; plays quickly yet takes time to develop strategy; seek out 'aftermarket' map, the original board design detracts significantly from the experience
Lyle Neff 10 9 9
Mike Barlow 8 7 7 Rules are pretty straightforward. Good counters and map. Will play soon.
Gary Wilson 9 8 9 A very simple but well produced and thought out game.
Stephen Barrett 10 8 10 Buy this game now! Boardgamegeek reviewers give it a 7.3 of 10. They have new counters for free. When one of the big game companies picks this up, you will be paying $40 for it.
Richard Phelan 8 7 8 Enjoyable game, pieces are a little small.
Jimmie Pierce 10 9 10 Very good value. Very clean design.
Michael Davis 9 9 9 Very easy to assemble. Rules are well laid out. Very Playable. Good value!
Mauro Angelo Mittino 9 9 9
Richard McIntyre 9 8 9 Good solid design. Nice price! As they say keep 'em coming.
Terence Turnovsky 10 10 10 Nice system, plays quick. The semi-random barbarians make the game replayable.
Ian Lucking 8 8 8 A very good game, am having the graphics printed professionally
Clyde Hayman 7 4 7
luigi Celada 9 9 8 you can really feel that your borders are NOT sure! how long can you keep your empire toghether?
Bjorn Soderlund 9 7 8
Elias Nordling 6 6 6 Quite nice little game, with a pretty good narrative.
Charles McAllister 10 10 10
alan mcknight 7 7 7
Lynette Henckel 3 4 5 $5 seems like a little too much; worth about $3. Map quality could be improved. Gameplay seems rather simplistic, but it's a very good idea and fairly well executed.
Paolo Pinosio 8 7 8
Cid Sugioka 10 6 8 Enjoyable and well done solitaire game of Roman history!
Shane Sather 10 9 9 Solitaire Caeasar is a fantastic way to pass time playing a boardgame. Though dice determine a lot, there is still strategy, and more importantly, it's *fun*
gary smith 9 7 8 Simple game - that plays really well. The new map is very welcome.
Kurt La Botz 5 2 4 The value far outwaites the quality on an order like this because the quality depends on the equipment I have.
alan rhodes 8 8 10 great game
David Weiss 9 9 9

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