Day of Battle III

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The rules now cover Later Dark Ages as well as Feudal Europe. On Holy Ground III for the Crusades will follow. Game scale has been dropped a level if you will. Smaller actions but not skirmishes are the name of the game. Emphasis is now on the stand not on the figure. The focus is still if not even more so on you role playing the Warlord from game to game collecting your Honor Points. The rules work well for one on one and multi-player. Armies use a new system called the Lance which is modeled after Charlamagne's Lance. No more ponderous army lists. You have little control over who shows up when you summon your army. You must rely on promotions and hiring of mercenaries to give you some better troops.


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Shawn Kirkpatrick 9 8 9 Very good game with wonderful examples and illustrations.

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