Big Bang: Mini Bang 1 - Unpublished & Extra Material From 2003

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This volume collects the assorted promotional material we put together during 2003, along with a number of weapons that were done, but accidentally overlooked during the assembly of the first six volumes of Big Bang: The Mostly Illustrated RPG Guide to Modern Weapons. A total of 13 weapons and variants are presented. The weapons covered include:

* The Beretta CX4 Storm, a new pistol caliber carbine rifle that has been on the market less than a year.
* The Colt Lawman Mk. 3 "Air Crew" a revolver designed for issue to civilian airliner crews to combat terrorism - back in 1970!
* The Companion Flashlight Firearm, a D-Cell Maglite flashlight with a built in .410 shotgun.
* The H&K VP70, the world's first "polymer pistol", long before the Glock 17 came along.
* Roth-Steyr Repetierpistole Modell 1907, one of the earliest semiautomatic pistols adopted by any military and prone to automatic fire.
* XM-148 Grenade Launcher, the only real competition the M203 ever had in U.S. military trials during the Vietnam War.
* FARA 83, a homegrown assault rifle developed for the Argentine military.

** While the Big Bang series provides stats for a few RPG systems, it provides a lot more historical and technical information about the weapons. **


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