Big Bang: Mini Bang 3 - Experimental Weapons

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This minor volume of the Big Bang line focuses on a wide range of failed experimental weapons. These numerous systems often represented astounding advancements in firearms technology and design, yet were ultimately rejected by their target markets. This booklet covers numerous weapons, including:

* The Colt SCAMP, a highly controllable machine pistol that was only slightly larger than the M1911A1, but with nearly 4 times the ammunition capacity.
* The Hughes Lockless Machine Gun, a reliable automatic weapon that with a full 300 magazine, weighed a mere 13 lbs, far less than today's small caliber SAWs and LMGs with half the ammunition.
* The TRW Low Maintenance Rifle, a rifle designed to make the M-16's "never needs cleaning" claims a reality, in an astonishingly accurate rifle that looked like the German WW2 era FG-42.

In all, 11 weapons and variants are covered, along with two new ammunition types.

** While the Big Bang series provides stats for a few RPG systems, it provides a lot more historical and technical information about the weapons. **


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