Big Bang Ricochet 014: Britainís AT105 Saxon APC

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In the early 1980ís, as the conventional arms race between NATO and the Warsaw Pact escalated, the British Ministry of Defense saw a need for a new troop transport to completely mechanize the armyís infantry. While the infantry attached to armored divisions got the Warrior IFV, the infantry attached to infantry divisions received the AT105 Saxon.

The Saxon is one of the less pretty armored vehicles the world has created thus far, looking very much like a box on wheels. This shape provides a two-fold purpose of providing the drive train and powerpack as much protection as the passengers, and it makes the vehicle one of the most mine-resistant military vehicles ever fielded.

Though relatively uncommon with less than 1,000 in service worldwide, the Saxon is a fairly well known sight to anyone who remembers the frequent news footage from the IRA violence in Northern Ireland during the 1980ís.

This issue also includes basic rules for the use of water cannons as a riot control system.


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