Rommel at Gazala

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Pages in main/rules file: 24

Game System:

Players: 2

Designer(s): Jim Werbaneth

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Nominated for the Charles S. Roberts Award for the best DTP game of 2006


On 26 May 1942, Erwin Rommel launched a strong right hook into the desert, flanking the minefields and fortifications painstakingly built by the British to protect Tobruk. In short order he got the armored spearhead of Panzerarmee Afrika cornered, unsupplied, with the British mines to his rear and superior forces to his front. Moreover the Eighth Army had the new American Grant tank, the most powerful in the desert. Isolated and without maneuver room, defeat appeared certain.

But a month later, the general had proven all the guile, resourcefulness and determination that made him a legend. "The Desert Fox" broke out of the trap, savaged the Eighth Army, took the vital port of Tobruk, then sent the British into a headlong retreat into Egypt. A grateful Führer made Rommel a Field Marshal, marking the peak of his prestige and accomplishment.


Rommel at Gazala is a quick-playing game with a simple, accessible system. It is sufficiently easy for new players to enter board wargaming, but with enough possibilities to offer significant replay value to newcomer and veteran player alike. Counter density is low, letting the players concentrate on strategy more than minutiae, and the pace is fast. There are also special rules to evoke the special flavor of the battle; armor superiority, the dreaded "88," fortifications, and of course the special capabilities of Erwin Rommel himself.


Map: 3 Miles Per Hex
Turn: 2 Days Per Turn
Unit: Regiment and Brigade, With Italian Divisions and Some German Battalions


1 11" x 17" Color Map (In Three Sections for Easy Printing)
1 Sheet of 66 Backprinted Counters
1 16-Page Rulebook
1 24-Page Battle Manual, With Designer's Notes, Historical Background, and More
1 Terrain Effects Chart
1 Player's Aid Card

A 6-sided die is also required for play.

File Size: 6.15 Megabytes


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Dave Welch 9 6 7 Good rules and decent graphics. Map OK, but could use some color. Priced OK Have not played yet, but looking forward to it.
john conner 9 9 9 Awesome game for an awesome price! Once you play it, you will realize why it has won awards!
Kim Meints 10 10 10 A great value. but most important and easy to learn game that is fun to play
Gunther Bellows 8 8 8 Good basic game of the battles around Tobruck
Timothy Warder 10 8 8 great game, good system, plays quickly
Mark Withiam 7 9 8 Good, fun little game.

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