Big Bang Ricochet 020: The Penetrator Gunship

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For our 20th issue, we now introduce our very first bit of aircraft coverage! Sure you've heard of them, the helicopter gunships or attack helicopters. You can probably even name a few, like the AH-64 Apache, AH-1 Cobra, or even the Mi-24 Hind. If you're really lucky, you can probably even name ones like the Tigre or Cheyenne. However, this is one few have heard of.

Designed as a rebuild of the venerable UH-1 Huey, the Penetrator was meant to provide first-world gunship quality to second- and third-world militaries. Trialed by the US Army, the helicopter was eventually ordered by the South Korea to counter a growing fleet of Hinds in the north. Eventually, the threat fell apart and the order was cancelled, leaving the fairly innovative Penetrator to become a mere footnote in military aviation history.

Includes a Big Bang entry for the M197 20mm chaingun.


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