Big Bang Ricochet 034: Brazil's Engesa EE-VAR

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Developed in the late 1980's, the EE-VAR (Engenheiros Especializados - Veiculo de Ataque Rapido) is a 4x2 light military vehicle of the dune buggy persuasion. However, unlike its numerous contemporaries, theEE-VAR was unique in offering armor protection to its standard two man crew. While most other military dune buggies even to this day are fabricated mostly of aluminum bodywork and steel tubular framing, the EE-VAR's bodywork was composed entirely of laminated kevlar compounds that provided protection from light caliber gunfire as well as antipersonnel mines.

Unfortunately, the EE-VAR is also one of the rarest of military dune buggies, as the manufacturer, ENGESA, Brazil's largest arms manufacturer, suffered an economic collapse from which it could not recover, killing sales of the EE-VAR before they could get started. That did not stop the EE-VAR from seeing combat however, as the demonstration unit sent to Iraq was abandoned by Engesa employees at the outbreak of Operation: Desert Shield in 1990. What exactly happened to the vehicle after that is anyone's guess, but it is a safe bet it was used by Iraqi forces during the conflict.

This product includes a Version 1.0 Vehicle Record Sheet for the EE-VAR.


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