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Act With Daring skirmish scenario book is the first WWII scenario book of the Origins award nominated The Face of Battle historical miniatures rules system. Act With Daring covers the fierce battles and eventual collapse of
the French Ninth Army during the opening days of the Blitzkrieg. The battles of France 1940 were an excellent mix of troops, nationalities, vehicles and equipment. From the intrepid horsed Spahi, to the massive B1 Bis tank, German and Belgium Engineers, regular to elite French forces. This all combines for fun and exciting skirmish miniatures play.

Act With Daring includes ten scenarios linked by three campaigns and one
grand campaign. Players recreate small skirmish conflicts, armoured clashes
and mixed infantry and vehicle battles. Play the heroic defense of La Horgne or De Gaulle's famous counter-attack at Montcornet. Additional scenarios deal with the intense fighting in the Ardennes forest, the daring river crossings at Monthermé and the final destruction of the Ninth Army. German forces will encounter French senior command units as headquarters and outposts are overrun. Optional forces allow for maximum replayability.

This 102 page book also includes a combat diary that details the day by day
advance, attacks, and maneuvers of the German and French forces. Background
information, tactical maps, force descriptions, and tables of organization
for the Ninth Army and Sixth Panzer Division all enhance play and unit motives.

The scenarios are ideal for 15mm to 28mm individually-based figures. Act With Daring scenarios are usable with many gaming systems: Arc of Fire, Battleground WWII, Crossfire, Battalions in Crisis, Cross of Iron, Disposable Heroes and more.

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lee langton 10 10 10 just what we were looking for for our early war games and easy to adapt to RF2

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