Vietnam Solitaire

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Players: 1

Designer(s): Dave Kershaw

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Vietnam Solitaire puts the player in the shoes of the South Vietnamese army as they fight off the communists in the 60s and 70s. The player will control units representing ARVN, US Regulars, US Air-Cav, Napalm, B52s and Special Forces fighting against a simulated North Vietnamese & Viet Cong enemy.

The game is designed to be fast-play (approx. 60-90 minutes per game). The
components consist of rules, 56 counters and a map of South Vietnam.

The game has been extensively play-tested and offers a good challenge to experienced and novice players alike.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Alexander Jeger 10 7 9 Components are nothing special, but gameplay is fantastic: The game manages to simulate both the political and military aspects of the war. Rules are easy to learn, but the game itself is hard to beat. A real steal for the price.
Stéphane Palmeri 8 6 7 Nice game, well done. Pretty hard but quite simple and still enjoyable and demanding. Only bad thing to me is that counters are a bit blurry. But all in all well worth your 4$.
Scott Duncan 8 6 7
Sam DiRocco 10 7 8
Andrew Hobley 9 7 6 See
Gerry Palmer 10 6 7 Quite addictive. Good quick game. Easy to uderstand.
Chauvel David 8 7 8 A simple wargame but very addictive.
Cheung Kar Fai 9 8 8 Excellent game! Hard to win. The only problem is the graphic of the counters I've redesigned the counters
Ludwig Seitz 9 7 8 There is a minor error in the rules. Otherwise it's good value for the price.
Paul Kwon 6 6 6
Travis Works 9 7 8 The rules lead to historically-consistent outcomes without forcing them. Random elements leave you always wondering what's going to happen the next turn, and trying to cover your bases.
Tadashi Ishihara 9 5 9 Enjoy playing the game!
Tom Volpe 9 9 9
Simon Bracegirdle 8 7 8 Difficult to win. Easy to learn. Very small counters
Todd Beckman 8 8 8 This game tells the story of the Vietnam War for the US and the ARVN. Sadly, both Armies could have put a ton of troops on the ground, yet the North and the Viet Cong, just keep coming. And the word struggle says it all.
Cameron Fairchild 8 5 6 Good concept, nice execution, but the graphics are very poor. I am sure these will be upgraded in future. I recommend the game itself.
William J. Floyd 10 8 9 So good it's got me seeing VC everywhere! Tense, quick playing--"just one more game" appeal.
Andrzej Sieradzki 8 7 8
Ton Segers 1 1 1 the game is on a strategic level and I wanted one on a tactical level
thomas ryan 10 10 10 Great , quick game on Vietnam. The game is challenging and fun to play. Get the alt. counters off
David Defontaine 4 4 5
Paul Healey 5 6 8 Fascinting idea and a tough game. Of the five games I have played I have only got past turn 2 once. The first time I played I lost in the first turn.
Michael Socey 6 6 6 Components not bad if you use the counters from Easy game, but you're going swear at the dice. Trust me.
Craig Dunglison 10 7 9 The map is great the counters need work, I will replace them with miniatures. the game is very well balanced and I have played it many times and have not yet beaten it. Well worth the purchase price.
Mike Barlow 8 5 8 Great fun! Counters are so-so.
alan rhodes 10 10 10
Richard Phelan 7 6 8 Plays well, worth playing again.
Mauro Angelo Mittino 8 8 8
Terence Turnovsky 10 10 10 Another simple, quick playing and replayable game.
Ian Lucking 8 8 8 Good quick game, excellent value.
Stefan Federsel 10 8 9 The best Vietnam quickie ever seen! You can check out in less than an hour different strategies how TO DO IT BETTER than the original authorities did. The first try ended in an American Apocalypse; so high replayability to do it better!
Tim Kaiser 3 4 4
Elias Nordling 8 7 8 Really clever little design, with enough player decisions to make you try again and again.
Steve Keifer 8 8 8
Tadashi Ishihara 10 10 10 Keep em' coming!
Clyde Hayman 8 4 8 Interesting and simple

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