Song of Blades and Heroes

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File Size: 19 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 34

Game System:

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Andrea Sfiligoi

demo: demo/PREVIEWSongofBladesENGLISH.pdf
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* * * Origins 2008 Nominee - Best Miniature Rules * * *

Song of Blades and Heroes (SBH) is a fast-play, skirmish-level fantasy miniature system for two or more players. The rules are simple, fast, and above all, fun.

EASY: Simple and easy-to-understand rules that you learn in just one game

EASY MEASURING: No counting inches or centimeters. SBH uses three measuring sticks to measure all distances and ranges

FAST: A game lasts 30-45 minutes. Play a mini campaign in a single evening

INEXPENSIVE: 5-10 models per player are needed

CONVENIENT: The game needs little space - a 60x60cm play area is enough. Bring all your armies in a shoe box!

MULTI-SCALE: Play with any single-based fantasy miniature, in any scale

HEX-FRIENDLY: Play on hexgrids if you prefer

NO WEIRD DICE: SBH uses standard six-sided dice only

READY TO PLAY: Stats for 180+ monsters and heroes are included, and you can create your own!

NO BOOK-KEEPING: SBH is an action-point system that requires no book-keeping and always keeps players on their toes

HIGH SOLO PLAYABILITY: The SBH mechanics work well in solo play

CAMPAIGN: With campaign rules, your warband grows more powerful after every battle

Six basic scenarios included.

SBH is the first of a line of games designed to be quick, inexpensive and requiring very little space.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Pete Jones 10 10 10 I originally playtested the rules and have an aknowledgement from the author. However, I lost my complimentary copy so have purchased the download. They are a great set of rules for simple skirmish.
Van Chiles 10 10 10 Excellent set of rules - especially for animals
Cagri Akyurt 10 10 10 Excellent quality and concept!
DANIEL ROULEAU 10 9 9 An excellent introduction to miniatures. I play it a lot with my 8 yo and his LEGO minifigs
Troy Baldwin 10 9 9 Risk v reward works well and makes the game. Very simple rules but very strategic. We made our own combat result table though so its abit easier to kill stuff.
Chris Ward 8 7 8 What a great gaming system! I will absolutely play and play again. Song of Blades and Heroes is definitely one I will recommend to other gamers!
Al Caron 9 9 9 Love the initiative system and the lack of stats. Get straight to the hot ork on elf action.
Chad Lyon 10 10 10
James Howse 10 10 10 Simple to learn and tactically challenging. Well worth the price!
Jeff Moore 9 8 9
Jeffrey Gilbert 10 10 10 Very happy with download and book.
Chris Reichl 10 10 10 I will have to get some minis for this one day but I love how easy the system works.
Jonathan Axelsson 10 10 10 Excellent rules! Clean, easy to understand yet difficult to master, and I can use any of my miniatures!
Jonas Eng 8 9 8
Craig Nicholls 10 10 10 This is brilliant. A streamlined, fun, quick to play and elegant set of rules that you can play with any spare miniatures. I absolutely love this system!
David Bottomley 9 9 9 Excellent fast play and simple system with a surprisingly large range of tactical choices available. The vast array of generic troops lists and the free resources on the yahoo group to build your own ensures incredible longevity.
Alexei Gartinski 10 7 9 I somehow expected more when I read the rules, compared to how it actually plays. But I only played a couple of games so far. Also the summary sheet lacks a few essential details... But still a great value for money :-)
John Tapper 9 7 8 really good value due to the possibility to download. Seems like a fun game, easy and quick. Do think the points-system should have been included tough.
Will Johnson 9 10 9 Just the simple skirmish game I have been looking for
Benjamin Maier 9 9 9 My group has just started to get into the meat and potatoes of this, and it's a great find.
Tomas Hammar 10 9 9 Very elegant and easy to learn rules set. For that low price you can't go wrong - This is probably an excellent game to get started inthe war gaming hobby. All you need is a couple of miniatures and you're of! :) Much recommended
Gunther Schmidl 9 8 8 Quick and easy wargaming rules for any kind of miniatures.
steven wass 10 10 10 This game sparked a lot of exitement in our group, dig out the Fantasy Figures and have some Fun too!
Nicholas Weitnauer 8 8 8 Great small warband rules
Tim Mayse-Lillig 10 9 9
Dimitris Tripakis 9 7 8 Easy, fun and interesting game.
Jonathan Rosenberg 9 9 9 A great little gaming system -- with lots of expansion potential.
Jason Glassbrenner 10 8 9
Matt Jones 9 9 9 Awesome light game. Highly recommended!

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