Brown Water Navies Deluxe

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Roger Campbell

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The first chapter is the game. It covers all aspects of naval warfare during the American Civil War. Ramming, mines, subs are also covered. The game is historical with one slight twist. It was written for what the ships were designed to do, not what they actually did. In this light two very powerful and equal fleets set sail. The players are the difference that decides the outcome.

The other chapters provide historical data to enrich the game. The original game has grown to be a one stop info source for the vessels of the ACW. For those without ship models 110 different ships are provided on the cards. 90 vessels are drawn in black and white in Chapter 7. It also contains ACW photos of many of the ships.

The game is designed for all scales.

The deluxe download contains all eight chapters. Also the ship cards and Event cards. Also includes the book The Last Grey Lady. A 30 page work with 50 photos
and drawing describing how the CSS Jackson was built and what she should have looked like when completed.


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Gunther Bellows 5 5 10 Great game, good detail, very clear, excellent counters but could easily coonvert to miniatures

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