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Players: 1

Designer(s): David Kershaw

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In ACW Solitaire, the player plays the Union forces in the American Civil War of 1861-65. The aim is to defeat a simulated confederate opponent using a combination of strategies.

Units include named Generals, Armies, Forts, River Gunboats, Naval Fleets and different Indian Tribes. The map is province based, including ports and the Mississippi river.

The game has been intensively play tested and should take about an hour to play to completion - offering an exciting and stimulating experience of directing the strategy of the civil war.

"I continue to enjoy playing the game .... It is just the right size, scope and length to permit experimentation with various strategies--Mississippi first, seacoast domination, containment/stalemate in the east vs. driving Lee out of Va., etc." BK

"It felt right to me and was fun, more fun as the game went on. Good work!"

"Is it fun? Definitely, at least for a wargamer. I saw lots of options to pursue along the way, ways to outmanuever possible Confederacy response" SF

"Thanks for letting me play this. I'm enjoying it and hope to get a lot more
games in." CP

"I gotta say, this was FUN" CJ


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Alessio Mittiga 7 7 8
Tadashi Ishihara 9 5 10 Excellent game for solo player.
Kim Meints 9 9 9 For the size it comes off really well. great for a fun ,fast game.
Richard Acremann 5 5 5 The map of the game could be done again. It's the bad part of that game.
john stup 9 8 8 nice effort,but i prefer playing solo with 2 player option which brings up some rules questions. with this method i find it very difficult for the north to win. overall a fun and interesting look at the civil war.
David Defontaine 6 6 7
Stacy Clark 9 9 9 ACW Solitiare is a distillation of the best concepts of Victory Games' THE CIVIL WAR into an enjoyable and easy to play solitaire game.
William J Floyd 10 6 7 Good light strategy wargame. Counter art could be better, but overall, this one's a "thumbs up."
Frederick Ellsesser 9 8 9 Plays out historically. Good fun for an hour. Well worth the asking price
Michael Barlow 6 6 7 Nice simulation, but the map could be bigger.

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