Allenby's Blitzkrieg

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Peter Schutze

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On the 19th of September 1918 British General Edmund Allenby launched the last great Horse Cavalry campaign in history. In less than 48 hours, his mainly Indian and Australian based army had totally destroyed most of the Ottoman Turkish forces opposing them. They captured a huge area of northern Palestine (now Israel) from the crumbling Ottoman Empire.

Over the next few weeks General Allenby’s army, in co-operation with the Arab army under the famed Laurence of Arabia, ejected the Turks from Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

The speed at which the British mounted units moved, and the distances they covered during the 48 hours and immediately afterwards, exceeded the best efforts of the Germans in any of their WW2 "Blitzkriegs." Players will be challenged in Allenby’s Blitzkrieg to do as well.

British Empire (and their French allies) units are based around brigades and attached assets such as artillery. Turkish units are divisions unless otherwise designated with their ratings adjusted to reflect how understrength they were at the time. Aircraft units on both sides represent squadrons.

* 11x17 (or 2 8x11)inch map representing northern Palestine.
* 154 double sided counters show the forces controlled by each player.
* One rulebook


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
John Rehn 10 10 10 Great looking game. Counters are mounted, and the Light Horse rides again!
Sean Rickard 10 10 10 This gives a great, playable overview of an exciting and little-known campaign
christopher hamlyn 8 7 8 Excellent little game on an interesting subject
Stephen Constantelos 10 9 10 A convenient way to obtain nice little wargames. Well worth the money--if only I enjoyed mounting counters more than I do!
Paul Kantro 9 9 9 Excellent price for a very good game. Hope to see more Shutze games.

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