Wicked Narrows: Rome's Disaster at Kalkreis, Sept 9, 2 A.D.

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Designer(s): Kerala Cironi

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Wicked Narrows covers the Roman disaster in the Teutoburg Forest on September 9th, 2 A.D. Led by one of Romeís favorite sonís, German born Arminius, turned on those that loved and trained him, leading four German tribes (18000 men) into deadly battle with Varusí Roman Army. The German ambush at the Kalkriese Narrows (a narrow strip of land only 220m wide) caught the Romans by complete surprise with an ambush. One the 2nd day, all 20000 Romans had been killed. This game focuses on the second day as the Romans approached the narrows and the German attack !

The map scale is about 550 yards per hex. Each combat unit is a cohort of 500 men for the Roman and between 500-1000 men for the German. A game turn represents one hour of time.

The design is unique and captures the flavor of battle during this period. The game depends upon the German player and when he launches his devastating attack. In fact, until the German attacks, the Romans simply casually march towards their destination. When the attacks begin, blood will spill across the map as the Romans try desperately try to maintain damage control. But this is hard, as the German tribes create an attack like a shark frenzy, which only continues to become more barbaric!

The battle sequence contains three rounds of types of combat, leaders and morale are vital and is impacted by what happens in the combat rounds.

One 11x17 Map, rules, 280 counters.


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Kim Meints 10 10 10 A Great Ancients battle game

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