Heroic Frenzy, Fight for Petrograd, Oct. 1919

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Game System: Russian Civil War Series

Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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On October 11th, the White’s struck in a sudden assault with a force of around 20,000 men. The attack was well executed, with night attacks and manoeuvres to turn the flanks of the defending Red army. Yudenich also had six MK V British tanks that caused panic whenever they appeared. Night attacks were very effective. The White’s devastating blow threw the Seventh army completely off its balance, and it began to roll them back with little resistance, abandoning their arms and supplies. Lenin concluded fighting Yudenich’s army with the latest technical devices was useless unless at the cost of denuding and weakening other Red fronts. Lenin wanted to abandon Petrograd! Trotsky arrived at the Petrograd front just before Gatchina fell finding total confusion of the Red Staff. Panic was too rampant. On the 20th, Yudenich advanced as far as Krasnoye Syelo. His scouts on horseback could see the gilded dome of St. Isaac’s cathedral from the hill! The Finnish radio prematurely reported the occupation of Petro-grad. All through Europe and the rest of the world the news spread that the Red Petrograd had fallen. October 21 was a critical day. Red troops had fallen back to their last defense on the Pulkovo heights ( about 15 miles from the city center). Red men and women armed with small arms began their “Heroic Frenzy” making a firm stand on Pulkovo Heights (75m). It was the turning point that caught both sides off guard.

According to Trotsky, “The Seventh army held the western approaches to Petrograd. The prolonged standstill had impaired its morale. Its watchfulness became dulled; its best workers, even whole detachments, were taken away and sent to the more active sectors of the front. For a revolutionary army, which needs constant charges of enthusiasm, marking time almost always ends in mishap, and often in disaster”.

Disaster it was. The rout of the 7th Army was so bad that it provoked Trotsky himself to enter the battle area near Gatchina, but even his attempts to rally the men were in vain. The Whites continued on to the climatic stand at Pulkovo Hill. There, the Red workers and peasant soldiers filled to brim with Red propaganda sacrificed themselves in the thousands to push back the outnumbered White Army.

On the 20th, Yudenich advanced as far as Krasnoye Syelo. His scouts on horseback could see the gilded dome of St. Isaac’s cathedral from the hill!

The Reds were frantic. About sixty guns were placed behind cover on the open squares and at the more important street-crossings. All canals, gardens, walls, fences and houses were fortified. Trenches were dug in the suburbs and along the Neva. The whole southern part of the city was transformed into a fortress. Barricades were raised on many of the streets. Within a few days, the Red army defending Petrograd had tripled in size and outnumbered Yudenich three to one. It would be as close as any White Army would ever get to crushing the Red virus.

Heroic Frenzy covers this wild fast moving 10 turn game.

• 11" x 17" map
• 260 counters
• 11 page RCS core rules
• 3 page non-core rules
• 1 Player aid


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