Cossack Revenge: Denikin’s Abyss, 1920

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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Cossack Revenge, Denikin’s Abyss depicts the tragic end-point of the two year old British supported White Army attempt to halt the birth of Communism. It was March. The White Army had been reeling back. Their numbers rapidly diminishing. As they approached thier last escape route, the British, which had supported them with material since 1918, finally committed a battalion of troops to secure the port. At sea, several battleships and the first aircraft carrier provided cover. On shore, the fighting was desperate using all available resources including tanks. Once false move in the withdrawal would spell doom to the White cause.

While it was an endpoint for General Denikin, two months later, General Wrangel in the Crimea with the 25,000 men evacuated from Novorossisk continued with British help until the final ab-solute end in late October.

The game depicts the situation from March 20th to 27th, when the last evacuees left and the Reds stormed into the city. In the game, the Whites must carefully evacuate their troops, failing this, ends the cause prematurely.

Game Scale: The map scale is about 1 mile per hex. Each combat unit is a battalion for the Whites and Reds.

• 11" x 17" map
• 250 counters
• 11 page rules
• 1 Player aid


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