Ancients, PAPER ARMIES – Gaul

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Designer(s): William P. Rosser

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A set of three PDF sheets provides you with full color top down views of Cavalry (Light and Medium), Chariot, Warband and Skirmishers.

Elements are sized for IMPETUS© and BASIC IMPETUS©, but if printed at 50% scale, can be used for “DBx©” type games as well. The sheets are designed to print on 8-1/2”x11” sheets of paper, and reflect 80mm frontages (and varied depths).

Ideal for testing rules while painting up your miniature armies, or for those with limited room, or a need to travel. Mounted to magnetic sheets the game pieces can be mounted on a metal wall hanging for dorm rooms, small apartments, or other restricted areas.

This army can be used for Ancient Britain, Gaul, Celt-Iberians, or other Celtic barbarian type armies.


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