SuperSystem Third Edition

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Price: $ 4.95

File Type: zip

File Size: 22 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 86

Game System: GoalSystem

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Scott Pyle

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SuperSystem (S2) is a fast-paced, skirmish-level superhero miniature battle game designed to simulate comic book clashes between heroes and villains. Playing a game with SuperSystem requires the following: a copy of these rules, painted miniatures, around 20 six-sided dice (D6s), copies of the SuperSheets printed in the appendix of this book, pencils, and a roughly 4 x 4 playing area.

SuperSystem is an ideal game for two players, but more participants can get involved for longer, multi-player games. Battles in SuperSystem can involve as few as two models per side, or as many as ten to thirty models per side. There are two basic types of models in SuperSystem: characters and henchmen. Characters are the heroes and villains that make up the superhuman population of Four-Color Earth, the fictional setting of the game. Henchmen are their underlings, goons, mooks, or cannon fodder. Although some henchmen can also possess superhuman powers, they never rise to levels of the characters.
Players may fight SuperSystem battles as one-off encounters, or as extended campaigns where their heroes and villains develop unique personalities, gain new abilities, and sometimes suffer grievous injuries. These developments occur over a number of game sessions, and are known in SuperSystem as Series.

* 2nd Printing of SuperSystem 3


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Miquel Galiana Llorca 10 8 8 Amazing price, fun rules. Creating characters is complicated though, best to find already made ones online or aim to make a specific superhero.
Julio Carmona 10 10 10 Great System, the best alternative for those who don't like heroclix ;)
Rickey Lattie 8 8 8
William Bertram 7 7 7 Pretty good product. Would be better if there were more Marvel & DC heroes out there pre-made. Can't seem to find any, and don't want to sit around all day making them myself.
Isn Wilson 9 9 9 Great value and a food system. Brought he PDF version so my only comment is that it could do with Somme playing aids, ie list of powers, combat actions that can be printed off
Alan McIsaac 10 10 10
Shawn Hutson 9 9 9 Looking forward to bashing some villains. This was my excuse to buy some Crossover Miniatures.
Michael Horton 8 10 10 Excellent set of rules. Easy to learn, yet comprehensive.
peter tsokas 10 10 10 great service!
Andrzej Probulski 10 9 10 A QRS would be a nice addition, but otherwise it's one of the best wargame rulesets I have!
Casey Campbell 9 8 8 Very fun game! Best edition yet. A little intimidating for new players, the rules are simple but there are lots of rules for customizing characters (as there should be so everyone can be personal) but layout is little intimidating.
Mike L 9 8 9 an older GoalsSystem set of rules but vey clear. I bought it for ideas for other settings, but will play some "super" games as the set makes it look fun.
Antonio Lopez 8 8 8
Nancy Choinier 6 7 8 Fast and Compact Rules. Very Solid.
Matthew Morrison 8 8 8 I've not yet played these rules, but I like what I've read so far.
Robert Morgan 8 9 9 Had a read through and it looks good but have not tried it out yet (I am a solo gamer).
Raul Fernandez 10 10 10
marc casals 9 10 9
Romina Cavagnola 10 10 10 A great system, incredible flexible and easy to pick up after a few tries. Miles ahead of any other superhero skirmish game out there.
Lovell Harmon 10 10 10 I'm still misty eyed....EL-OHHH-QUENT! I'm building a custom board and painting my Super-Figs (and sleeping next to my book 'till I can play)
John Kantor 10 10 10
Jason Hulme 10 10 10 I really enjoy this game its good fun, I like the fact I can buy a pdf at such a reasonable price, its such a good idea I wish other companies would do it as well. Top Notch 5 Star and other high praise!
Roman Bublik 9 9 9 Good simple superhero system
Charles Tricker 9 8 9 Great set of rules, sometimes a little confusing, but this can be overcome by re-reading. Great value for money.

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