Last Stand at Baku, The Army of Islam Invades! Aug.-Sept. 1918

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During the summer of 1918, Turkey created its “Army of Islam” consisting of the 5th, 15th Divisions, later the 10th also joined. Having been defeated in Palestine, the Turks looked for easier prey and this was the Trancaucasus-Caspian area of Azerbaijan. This newly formed country asked Turkey for protection from the Bolsheviks, which also wanted the area. Turkey, like the British, saw Baku’s worth in its oil and ordered its army to march hundreds of miles to seize it despite Germany’s strong protests (who wanted it also through political means). By the end of July, the Turks were fast approaching Baku. This prompted the British to send Dunsterforce, 1000 men, to Baku, all arrived in the nick of time. For the British, all knew it was a near suicide mission of sending a brigade to defend against 7-12,000 men! The one thing on their side was terrain and the Turk mistaken intelligence that thousands of British troops were fast approaching to hold the oil rich area. What exactly what were the Brits thinking? The situation went from bad to dire as the Turks pounded away at the ring of defenses and Wolf's Gate, until all hell broke loose.

Each combat unit is one platoon to company . Rules cover armor trains, aircraft, unit facing, unit activation by chit, evacuations, artillery, melee.

11" x 17" Map
280 Counter and Markers
6 Page Rulebook
1 Player Aid


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Gian Marco Franco 8 8 8 A battle not really well balanced like historically and poorly replayable but deserve a simulation and this one has some good points. I made a bigger map and redone the counters. With a better graphic It's a pleasur.

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