Slaughter & Carnage: The Stalingrad of Kursk: Ponyri Station, 1943

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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S & C covers the horror and carnage that the Kursk offensive is so famous for. The small, insignificant railroad station at Ponyri became the focal point of both sides. The Germans had pierced the first line of defense and now were on the second line at Ponyri. Ordered to stand and die-let no German pass-was the Russian 307th Division supported by a full artillery division and numerous tank brigades. All dug in and waiting. The Germans assaulted the lines using the 18th Panzer and two infantry divisions supported by the new Elephant and Brummbar tanks plus a full assault gun brigade. What ensued was none other than slaughter and carnage of men and tanks for the small railroad station and its environs for the next three days. The Germans made progress measured in yards only to be checkmated by the Russians. The Germans, sensing the tide was turning for the whole Kursk Offensive, tossed in their reserves, the 10th PG division, nearly breaking the Russian back, which would have allowed them to reach the third defensive line. However, the Russians tossed in their reserve tank units including their "beast eaters". By the end of the third day, 10,000 men had lost their lives for a very little piece of real estate.

Game scale is eight hour turns, 200-250 yds a hex. Over 375 counters and two 11x17" maps which form a 17x22" playing surface. Platoon and Company level. Unique rules cover morale, Stuka, fortified positions, Elephant , Brummbar, mines, ranged fire, HQs, night, tank damage. The game is not difficult to play but hard to master because one never knows which side will be able to use the sequence first. As the german player, you will cringe when the Russian artillery division comes into action and pray to the Gods for mercy. As the Russian, you are crossing your fingers that the 307th will perform as it is hoped--but one never knows. German armor will find what it is like crossing minefield after minefield after minefield. And, just when you think a breakthrough is near- murphy's law appears. The game will not play the same twice. The burden is all on the German, but, the Russian simply cannot sit back and watch the slaughter and carnage.

The AFVs in the game are: Brummbar, Pz IV, Elephant, Pz III, Su-152, T-34, SU-76, KV-1, StG III.

449 counters and markers
Two 11x17" maps which form a 17x22" playing surface
8 page rules


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Roger Jacob 10 10 9 Printer took a dislike to map but sorted out. Rules & counters a treat, a real challenge for both sides

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