Little Stalingrad: Komsomolskoye, March 2000

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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Komsomolskoye was the horrific scene of a grueling two week battle. In a historical sense, it was a "Little Stalingrad" as the Russians attempted to retake the small town of 5000 people at the foothills of the Black Mountains. Over 2000 Russians and 800 Chechens would lose their lives there. The urban setting littered with many brick and stone buildings with deep basements made for a bloody fight. On March 5th, the Chechen forces seized the town from the Russians and held on until the 15th. Every building would be a war. The Russians pounded the town with artillery, air and Mi-24 gunships creating simply more and more rubble. More Chechens arrived and by the 9th, some 1500 were in the town. Each basement had become a bunker. Russian elite troops were sent in, including Russia's recent new air-fuel weapon, the dreaded Buratino and Schmel. T-72's were sent in firing at point blank range towards the buildings. It was a messy battle and both sides were determined to win and the Russians had just been obliterated near Ulus-Kert on Hill 776 losing its whole 6th Paratroop company!

The game comes with one 11x17" color map, based upon Russian sources, over 280 superb looking counters, and rulebook (based on the Ulus-Kert game). Owners of Ulus-Kert will easily learn the rules. Rules cover ceasefires, use of Buratino, T-72s, Schmel, BM-21, rubble, unit facing, artillery, SU-25, Mi-24, leaders and more.

The game scale is platoon, 200 yds a hex, daily turns.

280 counters and markers
11x17" color map
1 player aid
16 page rules


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