Frère d’Armes

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Game System:

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Patrick Receveur

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Frère d’Armes is a generic system for all the Ages before the rifle. You have an army generator inside the game: play Elven or Roman or knight or Aztec. Play what you want!

In this game of miniatures, rhythmical, fast-paced and bidirectional, you will have to sharpen your tactical sense and choose the slightest of your actions. Your warriors will be able to jump, crawl charge, support a comrade, trample an adversary who is down or implore their gods. Some may think that only the dice triumph during war; they are wrong. Only your science of war, your bravery and your boldness will enable you to overcome.

You only need 10 miniatures of any make and period (historical or fantastic) to embark on Frères d’Armes. So choose them wisely and confront others’ through an innovative campaign system.

Recruit a few warriors, a priest to galvanize or heal them and a fencing
master to teach them how to make mincemeat of your enemies properly. With your scarce gold coins, bard them with cutting and protective metal. If you manage to lead them to victory, you will not have invested for nothing. Pillage and booty will then fill your treasure. The survivors of your armed troop will become war experts making you a living legend on all the battlefields...

Contains both color, and black & white versions of the English rules.


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