Line of Fire #6

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Pages in main/rules file: 49

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Designer(s): Mark Walker

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* Almost 50 full-color pages!
* Two new World at War scenarios, using the included new T-80 and M-60 counters. Two rain-fresh Lock 'n Load scenarios, including a Noville variant and a scenario for the soon to ship, Heroes of the Blitzkrieg.
* There's a nifty line of sight article on the soon-to-be released Heroes of the Blitzkrieg, another on Jim Werbaneth's Britain Stands Alone 2nd Ed, and previews of Battles within Battles and Brian Train's simulation of the invasion of Poland, Summer Lighting.
* A thoughtful interview with Grant and Mike Wylie, the owners of Worhtington Games. Both offer their comments on their favorite designs, what they do when not gaming, and what it's like to work with another family member.
* Downloadable PDF that lets you get your magazine right NOW. You save on shipping, you save on publishing costs normally passed on to the consumer, and you save on time.

The sixth issue of Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s always downloadable magazine, Line of Fire is now for sale! Read on.

This issue is crammed with almost 50 pages of gaming goodness. Including a veritable book of words such as strategy
and combat, batrep and scenario, new map and revised counters, this issue will please even the most unpleasable. The magazine features six new scenarios for Lock ‘n Load Publishing titles. World at War get’s two, and a couple of revised formations. Lock ‘n Load gets another pair, including one that uses the popular mystery counters from Noville. Rounding out the scenario ball is a couplet of Flintlock skirmishes (on a new map) that bookend the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. It’s the ideal way to learn the Flintlock system.

Not to be outdone, Pete Atack files another World at War Batrep. This one recounts the Americans fight in the scenario Angels of Death. Arrigo Velicogna takes the Russian point of view as he fights the West Germans in Death of the First Panzer.


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