Fischfang: Smashing the Allies at Anzio. Feb., 1944

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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Fischfang(Fish Trap) depicts the German operation starting on February 16th, 1944 to destroy the Allied invasion landing at Anzio. Of all the operations to smash the Allies back into the sea (10 miles away), Fischfang was the most destructive and determined. The burden fell upon the 76th Panzer Corps now armed with some of Germany’s most advanced tanks: Tigers, Brummbar, Elephants, Nashorns, and Panther.

Game Scale: Each hex is 400 yards. AFV units are platoons, all others, unless noted, are company size for the Allies. German units are mostly battalion. Each turn is 8 hrs, from February 16-20, 1944.

9 Page Rules
1 Player Aid
279 Counters


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Comments from customers
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Roger Jacob 10 10 8 Set up is a bit 'squashed' everyone piling in at the north of the map a couple of anomolies with units but the rules and the counters make up for that. Anyway playing solo my Allies' strategy was to 'bug out' at once so plenty of action in open space

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